Broken wings


he was a bright shining angel

flying free through white, warm clouds

believing in the wind' s whisper

weaping fortune and poetry


wild storm was hard for flying

strong wings got weak, got tired

couldn' t believe falling apart

a net full of butterflies


the rain of the angel' s tears

was only to see with the heart

the road began to shake

afraid of losing the way


he is a bright shining angel

flying with tears in his magic eyes

holding on to lost dreams

and with broken wings


Barby H.






This song is written for all the Patrick fans who think they love him. But have you ever asked yourself what love means? Certainly not yelling,crying,tracking down and following... You can love Patrick' music and like him, but you can't LOVE him if you keep doing this. Please think about this and make Patrick's life happy and joyful!! We can't enjoy him anymore when it is too late and he's given up. Learn from the mistakes others have made! That's what the song is all about... Partick himself will never even hear this song but i think it might be a good way to support and bring and show love to him.


They got it wrong


Hard to know the stakes So hard to read the signs The tracks were faint Made long ago There's been so many times They got it wrong
If I could only have one moment Only one, to try again Try to say I'm sorry I'd try to heal this pain I can't accept their part in all the blame They got it wrong
Doesn't mean they didn't try though Doesn't mean there was no love Just ran out of time I guess Or maybe they got lost And yes, regret is painful Because they got it wrong
Tears for all the damage Tears for all the joy Out in the dark, alone and lost I'll try not to destroy Any more of what we had Because they got it wrong
Doesn't mean they didn't try though Doesn't mean there was no love Just ran out of time I guess Or maybe they got lost And yes, regret is painful Because they got it wrong
dedicated to michael partick kelly for hope and a life in peace
by maike
deutsche uebersetzung(frei,denn ich bin besser in englisch,als in deutsch)

Sie haben es falsch gemacht

Schwer zu sagen was der Einsatz ist So schwer die Zeichen zu lesen Die Wege verblassen vor so langer Zeit gemacht Es gab so viele Male aber sie haben es falsch gemacht
Wenn ich doch nur einen Moment haette nur einen, um es nochmal zu versuchen versuchen zu sagen, dass es mir leid tut Ich wuerde versuchen diesen Schmerz zu lindern Ich kann ihren Teil an all dem Unglueck nicht akzeptieren Denn sie haben es falsch gemacht
Es heisst nicht dass sie es nicht versuchten Es heisst nicht es gab keine Liebe Nur lief es falsch denke ich Oder sie haben sich verannt Und klar, Reue ist schmerzvoll Denn sie haben es falsch gemacht
Traenen fuer all den Schaden... Traenen fuer all die Freude... In der Dunkelheit, einsam und allein Versuche ich nicht alles zu zerstoeren Von dem, was wir hatten Weil sie es falsch gemacht haben



some people took your love and hapiness

you aren't anymore like you were one day

inside yourself you cry but the people say it's only your job

but you aren't a clown who always smile

people think they can take your hand

but they distroyed your life

they guess they love you

but with that "love" they make you sad

one day you gave to a fan a rose with the words:

"it that rose is wilt we'll play on streets again!"

then you started to cry because the rose was made with plastic

now you are a monk and happier till you ever were

carry on with your faith and happiness

you need real love and not fans who think they love you

hopefully you'll find your fortune

carry on with hoping - you just need it

believe in the truth that you found in God

my angel, hold on, never give up

open your heart again and smile


(c) by Anna Moser


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